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Dates are an ancients natural product which every culture has been using from time immemorial.dates are one seed fruit of Phoenix dactylifera a tree of the palm family.though usually they very much shape ,size,colour,quality,and consistency of flesh according to the conditions of their culture.Dates grow very well in desert regions as they require plenty of heat and little look like coconut tree.
Good quality dates are fleshy but not moist.The moist ones are usually too soft and slightly yellowish .While buying dates care has to be taken to buy good ones free from dust,flies too infest the openly sold ones.Nowadays good ones packed neatly in packets are available in markets.
DATES -are specially recommended for pregnant it is said to be good for anaemia. There is a strong believe in many culture including India.,that taken during pregnancy dates improve lactation and also the child complexion.Infants are given this at the time of teething to inculcate the bitting habits.
It is as heat producing but generally it is considered safe for all age group.It is used in many Ayurvedic concoctions and home meditions.dates is very good natural sugar.

Fresh ones can be cut or chop ed remove the seeds and boiled in milk for 10 - 15 minutes until they are soft and used many sweet preparations ,chutneys.
Dry dates are used frying them in to ghee or til oil gives them better taste.
BOIL 10-15 Dates in 1 litre milk .keep aside for 2-4 hours or overnight and taken in the morning.(Boil the dates in milk and allow some time for the reaction to take place.

Wipe dry dates well.Remove the seeds.Prepare a solution of lime juice with sugar and salt.There should be enough solution to immerse the dates.Keep in sunlight for 3-4 days or more until the dates suck up the juice.
This is good lactating mothers.
5-10 Dates,1 lime size turmerind.1 lime size jaggery,1 red chilli whole salt to taste.soak the dates for 2-3 hours in little milk until it soft .Grind all the ingredients to a paste.
add little milk make chutney.
Phoenix dactylifera-DATES

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