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Zingiber officinale
Ginger is a herbal medicine .It use in India most of the food.
Dry ginger used for tea,cake ,some snake,drinks .ginger beverages and for use in therapeutic herbal remedies.
In sidda medicine it mostly used .The ginger has a slender stem; ginger is a perennial plant, about 24 to 39 inches in height. who suffer from frequent blood clots to help keep their blood free from clots.
One of the main benefits of the herbal ginger remedy is its ability to stimulate the circulatory system. The herb also helps in bringing an increased flow of blood to the surface of the skin; this singular property makes the ginger a very important herbal remedy for the treatment of conditions such as chilblains and to treat impaired circulation along the hands and feet of patients. The herb also effectively helps in controlling elevated or high blood pressure as it directly affects the circulation of blood. Perspiration in the body is increased by remedies made from the ginger and at the same time, the herb helps in bringing about a reduction in elevated body temperature during fevers.Herbal remedies made from the ginger have a warming and soothing effect and help alleviate persistent coughs, all kinds of colds and flu,headaches,pain,muscles pain , join pain,gas problem in stomach ,morning sickness ,colic,nausea,motion sickness,infection,kidney stone,skin disorders,and toothache,, and other related problems of the respiratory system
If you have not have a dry ginger(sukku podi in Tamil) or dry ginger powder ,you can purchase fresh ginger cut it small piece ,sundry the pieces,it become very dry crushed and grant it in the grinder a powder.

Dry ginger powder
200 g dry ginger
2-3 green cardamon
100 gram jaggery or sugar


  • Crushed the dry ginger add the green cardamon,and sugar or jaggery grind it in a grander ,make dry ginger powder.(the grinder should be not wet ).

  • The powder shout be in dry only .store and use for tea or coffee.or any good for health.

or crushed the dry ginger make a powder and sieve mix cardamon powder,jaggery powder or sugar powder mix well and store .

Stomach problem boil 1 1/2 cup of water and bring to boil the water and add 1-2 tsp dry ginger powder boil for 5-10 minutes( reduce one cup ) .take this water with butter milk or milk .

Gas problem take 3 tsp lime juice,1 tsp dry ginger powder,2 -4 cup warm water 3-4 tsp jaggery or sugar add all ingredients mix well .take this water every 10 t0 15 minutes early morning and evening or three time it relives the gas problem.

200 gram Dry Ginger
1/4 cup coriander seeds whole
4-6 green cardamom
2 cinnamon stick
100 gram green tea
Crushed the dry ginger and add coriander seeds green cardamom,cinnamon stick ,mix well.grind a powder in a mixer .add green tea .if you make a tea take this one tsp this masala make a tea.
100 Gram jaggery
1/4 tsp cardamom powder
1/2 lime
a small pit Dry ginger (chukku) (1-2 tsp )
dissole jaggery i 2 cup of water.Filter and add lime juice,cardamom powder,and dry ginger powder .cool it in refrigerater and serve.
Improves circulation and blood flow .
Relieves cold and flu symptoms
Gas problem and stomach cramps, improves digestion and relieves nausea
Reduces menstrual cramping
Helps regulate blood sugar
Boosts the immune system

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