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1-Siddha maruthuvam , siddha medicine ,Paatti Vaaiththiyam or Tamil Medicine is one of the oldest system of medicine.Siddha medicine is the oldest and the foremost of all other medical systems of the world. Siddha maruthuvam practiced by the Dravidian society and was believed that they were founded by Siddhars(men with high knowledge - supermen) several centuries ago.Siddhars knew that the only way of stopping the cycle of rebirths was by making the body as strong as a stone, unaffected by diseases, old age or even death. Thus the Kayakalpa System was formed.
One of the best-known Siddhars was Agasthyar or Agasthya, who is believed to be the founding father of Siddha culture.
Siddha System of Medicine also known as Siddha Vaidya in India, is the oldest among the Indian Medical Systems namely Ayurveda, Siddha & Unani & its also the oldest medical system in the world.
siddhars' manuscripts written in their mother tong - Tamil. The manuscripts contain spiritual, philosophical, social or scientific essays both in prose and poetry. These essays are usually written on the palm leafs and just small part of them have been published up to now.
Since number of people, preferring natural health remedies and herbal health remedies are increasing day by day and Indian medical systems like Ayurveda is gaining popularity all over the world .
This was the Siddha system. The term 'Siddhi' means 'achievement' and the Siddhars were men who achieved certain results in medicine, as well as in yoga or tapas. The results in medicine were achieved by the Siddhars through their mental powers, they bequeathed to their 'Chilas' or pupils, who preserved and propagated the science. Eighteen siddhas seem to have existed. They should have lived at different periods and bequeathed their experiences in medicine and yoga to posterity. The basic concept of Siddha system of medicine is " Food is Medicine - Medicine is Food
Using medicines like Choornam, Kudineer, Vadagam etc. made of herbs.
Surgical methods like incision, excision, heat application, blood letting and leech application etc.
Physiotherapy - Thokkanam and Varma, the Siddha way of Touch therapy, Medicated Oil application , Fomentation, herbal steam bath etc.
Using medicines like Parpam, Chenduram, Chuxnam etc . made of minerals especially of metals.

The Siddha System is capable of treating all types of chronic diseases especially arthritis, skin problems urinary tract disorders, infertility , degenerative disorders like osteo arthritis , Senile Dementia,disease of the liver, medicinally treatable Spinal disorders ,general debility ,diarrhoea and intractable allergic disorders.

Siddha maruthuvam or Siddha vaithiyam is the process of using herbs and minerals as prescribed in the Siddha manuscripts to treat various diseases.

Siddhar Thirumoolar have defined the siddha medicine by these words:

Medicine is that which treats the disorders of the physical body;

Medicine is that which treats the disorders of the mind;

Medicine is that which prevents illness;

Medicine is that which enables immortality.

The following is the list of eighteen Siddhas according to one recension:
1. Nandi 2. Agasthiyar 3. Thirumular 4. Punnakkeesar 5. Pulasthiyar 6. Poonaikannar 7. Idaikadar 8. Bogar 9. Pulikai Isar 10. Karuvurar 11. Konkanavar 12. Kalangi 13. Sattainathar 14. Azhuganni 15. Agappai 16. Pambatti 17. Theraiyar and 18. Kudhambai.

Paatti Vaaiththiyam :
Grandmother's natural remedies - Paati / Kai Vaidhyam is one of the simple home medicine.

India-Ayurvedic treatment home remedy,” patti vaithiyam” ie., grandma’s handi,homely cure .

Those day grandmother make her home medicine .Herbal curry powder,suran,laheyam.

Every home has his own family medicine.This Grandmother natural remedies are very need to helpful and it very comfort and simple medicine and no side effects.

The simple home herps are ginger,pepper,lemon,aloe vera,cuminseeds,basil,curry leaves,saffron,aniseeds,omom,garlic.Turmeric ,Grass,ammla,Tulsi,Fenugreek,poppyseeds and more.

The oil are mostly coconut oil ,til oil,caster oil .

I know my Grandma ,my mother ,and my mother in law mostly use there home madicine .My mother and My mother in law are still living very healthy .

Mostly they are use herbs like kizhanelli, jathigai, kaddukai,Adathoda,Ginger,Garlic,Lemon, ,peper, coriander leaves,,curry leaves,Oridhazh Thamarai, Akkirakaaram,Aloe Vera,(kathalai)Karisalankanni,Cumin seeds,keerai,green vegetables,Kumkum ,Kizhanelli,Kuppaimeni,Jaadhikkai,Siriyanangai, Amman pacharisi, Amukkuragelangu,karunai ,Thoothuvalai,Sirukurinjan,Seenthil,Nanjaruppaan,Nilaavaarai,Vallarai,Vettiver,nanari var and more herbs,green leaves vegetable and spice.

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